Born & Razed

2011 Festival

Fri, May 6 @ 9:30 p.m.

Films about the families we’re born into and the ones we leave behind.

Films in this package

Sixteen-year-old Tomi tries to steer his twelve-year-old sister Aino in the right direction so she doesn’t follow in their mother’s footsteps, but her growing independence starts another pattern that threatens to repeat.  Won Best Live Action Short Award at the Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto.

Three documentary filmmakers went to Calais to make a film about refugees trying to get into Britain, but then they met sixteen-year-old Abdul in a food queue.  His first words were a story about being shot at by machine guns on the Iranian border and the filmmakers knew this was a character to focus on, but a…

When Zora’s lover Gérard leaves his wife and moves in with her, Zora faces a simple question:  is committing to Gérard really her choice?

What would the regular working class have thought of Shakespeare’s classic, Hamlet: Prince of Denmark? Join Roger and Philip, two gossipy castle guards as they try to endure a shift outside Castle Elsinore. When all the murder, madness, and mayhem come to a boil, they do their best to keep their wits about them and…

Elsa and Bo are eagerly expecting their first baby.  While Elsa gets the baby’s room ready, Bo composes a special musical piece for the occasion.

Presenting Sponsor:  Bean Counters In a creepy government waiting room, our guilty little heroine, Pochsy (anagram for “psycho”), descends through seven levels of hell as she awaits the Tax Man’s wrath. Won Grand Jury Prize, Show Us Your Shorts International Short Film Festival, and Audience Choice Award, Dawson International Film Festival. Director’s Statement Pochsy works…