Frederick Kroetsch has been working in television for twenty years. After graduating with a major in Film Production from Concordia University in Montreal, he spent 15 years as a broadcast journalist where he produced thousands of broadcast stories covering everything from Cattle Police to Astronauts.

As a filmmaker, Frederick has created documentary content for the CBC, Bravo, APTN, AMI-tv, TELUS and the NFB.

Frederick also has a passion for rescue kittens. His project KittenTV is one of the most popular on TELUS. It is currently available on Emirates Airlines and Virgin Australia.

Frederick and his wife, Rebecca Campbell, also produce kids’ content. They made a pilot for CBC Kids Digital and two seasons of a stop motion animation series for TELUS.

Frederick has won two AMPIA Awards including Best Drama Under 60 Minutes in 2008. In 2015, he received the Edmonton Top 40 Under 40 Award. In 2019, he was nominated for 8 AMPIA Awards: Best Children’s Program or Series (The Girl Who Talks to the Moon), Best Web Series – Fiction (Girl Brain), Best Immersive Experience (Kitten TV 360: Kitt’en Around), Best Non-Fiction Short (Snow Warrior), Best Production Reflecting Cultural Diversity (The Girl Who Talks to the Moon), Best Director for Non-Fiction Under 30 Minutes (Queen of the Oil Patch – “Publicity Whirl!”, Best Screenwriter for Non-Fiction Under 30 Minutes (Queen of the Oil Patch – “Publicity Whirl”), and Best Editor for Non-Fiction Under 30 Minutes (Snow Warrior).

In addition to being a jury member, Frederick will teach a Pitching Skills workshop and participate on the Creating Content for Kids panel on May 11. On May 12, his 54-minute documentary, LAST OF THE FUR TRADERS, will screen followed by his Adventures in Filmmaking presentation, a behind-the-scenes look at how it was made.