Stop-Motion Animation image

$189 ($159 students – minimum age 16)
10:00am – 5:00pm, Sat-Sun, May 4-5, 2019
Room L207B (Fine Arts Computer Lab), GPRC (Grande Prairie Regional College); L wing is at the south end of the college – see GPRC map

In partnership with PRIMAA and GPRC
Presented by AMAAS (Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society)
With support from Telefilm

Instructor: Evan DeRushie

In this workshop, participants aged 16+ will learn the refined and delicate art of making a giant bloopy mess, also known as stop-motion animation. No experience necessary, but lack of experience is encouraged and will be celebrated. Over two days, the mystery of stop-motion will be systematically dismantled, as participants learn how easy it is to make their own animation. Each participant will work at a station equipped with a camera, light and computer, and will get their hands greasy learning how to animate frame-by-frame. Short exercises to start with, including plenty of time for experiments. By the end of the weekend, everyone will contribute a short segment to a musical claymation masterpiece that will screen at the start of the Best of the Fest film package.