Both Sides Now (Gr 10-12 Social Studies)

2013 Festival

Mon, Apr 29 @ 9:30 am; Wed, May 1 @ 9:30 am; Sat, May 4 @ 3:00 pm

Chosen by teachers, these films explore complex issues from both sides: terrorism and the West Bank separation wall; anti-Semitism and a 1983 summer camp basketball game in Alberta; friendship and betrayal in the Spanish civil war; and the effects of globalization. Four of the six films are award-winning.

Films in this package

On the Road to Tel-Aviv

When an Israeli man notices a suspicious-looking Arab woman boarding the same bus that his fiancée is on, he tries to get his fiancée off the bus without creating a scene, but panic breaks out. Should he try to calm things down? Or encourage his fiancée to take another bus? Won Best Short at the…

The Spanish Civil War in 1936 sends one friend into battle while strings have been pulled to keep the other friend safe at home. Can their friendship survive the bitterness of the injured soldier when he returns home?

Five Ways to Kill a Man

In this contemporary parable, a man’s consumer choices have an impact that he can see with every decision he makes. Over the course of the day, the people he has relied on in the global economy begin to depend on him, and he is left with the problem of what to do with them at…


Reshma works in a textile recycling factory in Panipat, a small town in Northern India. In this delightfully ironic documentary, she shows how the Western world’s least wanted clothes get transformed back into yarn while she and the other women workers speculate on how people live in the Western world, using their imaginations and the…

The Basketball Game

A poignant and humorous account of the filmmaker’s experience as a boy in 1983 when kids who’d been taught anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial at their school in Eckville, Alberta are invited to a basketball game against his team at Jewish summer camp. Won Most Inspirational Short Film at the 2012 Reel 2 Real International Film…

The Other Side

An unusual friendship forms when a soccer ball becomes the link between a boy on the Israeli side of the West Bank separation wall and someone on the Palestinian side.