Oscar Live Action

2011 Festival

Sat, May 7 @ 4:00 p.m.

The 2011 Oscar nominees for Best Live Action Short.

Films in this package

Quiet and sincere nine-year-old Sam is worried about making his first confession.  His conscience is clear, therefore he cannot hope for any relief from the experience.  He and his friend Jacob decide to remedy that situation, but their innocent prank turns unexpectedly tragic.  Nominated for an Oscar.

In 1994 there is a civil war in Burundi, a small country of Central Africa directly bordering Rwanda.  Na Wewe (pronounced “Na wayway”) means “you too” in Kirundi and the film relates a sadly frequent episode of the fratricidal conflict between Hutus and Tutsis:  the attack by rebels on a minivan carrying ordinary citizens.  As…

Lounge-singing darts champion Raymond finds his prayers are answered – literally – when he receives a mysterious package of love-inducing darts. The catch is that the one woman he loves – Kelly, a drummer in his band – is already in love with Ray’s best friend Fozzie, the guitarist in the band. Romance is in…

Ardal, an 8-year-old schoolboy, is in love with his teacher, Miss Purdy. When she becomes engaged to her unworthy, crass boyfriend, Ardal is forced to take drastic action. Screened with the kind permission of Network Ireland Television and Purdy Pictures Ltd. Nominated for an Oscar.

When a fifteen-year-old boy discovers he has months to live, he is granted one wish from the Dreamscape Charity. However, David doesn’t want to go to Disneyland or meet a star footballer; what he really wants is an hour alone with a naked woman. Based on true events,  Wish 143 tells the story of a…