Posted by Steph on March 15, 2017

These bad boys prove that great Irish shorts are as easy to find as three-leaf clovers! Now before you go and drink too much green beer, watch these lovelies from the Emerald Isle that have screened at our fest over the last ten years.

1. Best Church Scene – The Confession – PG (Sexual Content)

I was never lucky enough to have this “punishment”…

2. Best Friends: Young Edition – Hoor – PG

3. Best Friends: Old Edition – Teeth – G

4. Best Sound Effects – Cold Turkey – 14A (Sexually Suggestive Scenes, Nudity)

I really hope this is how they make punching sounds in movies. Check out his interesting techniques here.

5. Best Friendship – New Boy – PG

Sometimes you just need a little common ground.

6. Best Criminals – The Heist – 14A (Course Language)

This will make you very selective of who you rob a bank with.

7. Best Bagpipes – The Ranger (An Ranger) – PG

For some sweet tunes and a man set on vengeance click here.

8. Best Narration by Alan Rickman – The Boy in the Bubble – G

If you don’t love Alan Rickman and don’t watch this, I will find you.

9. Best “Leave the Lights on” – The Ten Steps – PG (Frightening Scenes)

Note to self: never buy a house that has the breaker box in the basement.

10. Best Alternative Storytelling – Screenshot – 14A (Course Language, Nudity)

Sadly plausible.

The Confession



Cold Turkey

New Boy

The Heist

The Ranger

The Boy in the Bubble

The Ten Steps


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