2021 Festival

How To Fest

From the comfort of your own home anywhere in Canada and beyond, you can enjoy the 2021 Reel Shorts Film Festival April 26 to May 9!

Register as a Virtual Fest Member HERE – it’s free – and you’ll be able to log in starting April 26 to watch as many of the 11 film packages as you’d like to whenever you’d like to. Here’s the fest trailer for a taste of what you can expect – with HUGE thanks to Monty Simo for creating it!

How to View the Films on TV

With a Windows 10 Laptop

You can connect your Windows 10 laptop wirelessly to your TV running Android TV, or to any TV + Chromecast, or to any TV with an HDMI cable – check out this 3-minute tutorial on how to do it.

With an Android Phone

You can mirror your Android phone to your TV with Google Chromecast and a shared Wi-Fi network – check out this 3-minute tutorial on how to do it.

With your Mac, iPhone or iPad

You can stream your iPhone or iPad, or screen mirror your Mac, iPhone or iPad, to your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV – check out this article on how to do it.

Film Packages

Five film packages programmed for the general public – more details available soon:

  • Family Friction
  • A Day in the Life
  • Criminal Intent
  • Peace Region Shorts
  • Psycho Shorts

Six film packages programmed for schools on the basis of recommendations by teachers on our programming team (they can also be enjoyed by the general public) – more details available soon:

  • Nature Notes (Gr 1-3)
  • A Step Beyond (Gr 4-6)
  • New Worlds (Gr 6-9)
  • Unseen Consequences (Gr 9-12 Social Studies)
  • Ties That Connect (Gr 9-12 English/Languages)
  • Cinema Francophone (Gr 9-12 French)

Watch Parties

Make a party of it! Pop the popcorn and have a virtual viewing party with friends and family!

Filmmaker Class Visits

Class visits will happen virtually this year as well. Teachers and principals, sign up to our email list so you don’t miss out on any of the details. We’ll be scheduling Zoom visits during the festival for our younger film fans!

Special Thanks

A HUGE thank you goes out to Marcus Vanstone at Image Design for crafting our Virtual Fest registration system and setting up a members-only area of our website where this year’s fest will virtually screen. What we first tried didn’t work and Marcus came to the rescue with a solution that worked. Thank you!

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