Reel Shorts 2012

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  • Peace Region
  • 2012
Bridges to the Past

Gang leader George demands that Archie kidnap the troll who, according to legend, lives under a bridge.  When Archie finds a homeless man living under the bridge instead, he convinces the man to return with him and pretend to be the troll. A short film created by 16 Grade 10-12 students from Hines Creek and Beaverlodge working together under the guidance of Scott Belyea, Scooter Corkle, and Michael Bourree during the Youth Filmmaking Challenge workshop April 25-27 (Bravo):
Shawnee Bettenson
Rebeka Binder
Austin Bjornson
Dolan Bjornson
Jake Carlstad
Tess Forbes
Jaymee Granger
Quinten Hein
Rebecca Hoover
Cameron Isherwood
Davis Isherwood
Morgan McAllister
Jade Miller
Nathan Paquette
Jordan Smith
Andrew Wayland




  • Scott Belyea
World Premiere