Reel Shorts 2012

  • 10
  • Peace Region
  • 2012

Veronica’s attempts to get rid of her hated rival Tiffany keep getting messed up by Tiffany’s lovesick admirer.  In frustration, Veronica decides to include him in her plans.  A short film created by 12 Grade 9-12 students from Grande Prairie and Sturgeon Lake working together under the guidance of Scott Belyea, Scooter Corkle, and Michael Bourree during the Youth Filmmaking Challenge workshop April 30 to May 2 (Charlie):
Jessica Bartolotta
Renee Benoit
Louanne Durnford
Kale Goodswimmer
Bailey Koll
Christina Lambrecht
Daylen Lafleur
Shanon Narnaware
Elyse Roy
Amanda Samuelson
Dane Schwandt
Brendan Wyant




  • Scott Belyea
World Premiere