Time Warp

2015 Festival

Fri, May 8, 2015 @ 9:15 pm - L106 (Collins Recital Hall), GPRC

A sci-fi package of films featuring time traveling misadventures, mind-twisting and hilarious scenarios, dystopian futures, and a western with a bizarre twist. Rated 14+ (Crude Coarse Language, Violence, Substance Abuse).

Films in this package


As captain of a deep-space freighter, Marshall discovers a distress call from his estranged brother whose ship is trapped in a recoil effect near a black hole. Only one course of action makes sense, but can Marshall abandon his brother and any chance at redemption?


Two brothers confront unknown foes in a wintry, dystopian world where it’s every man for himself. Won Best Narrative Short at the 2014 Florida Film Festival among other awards. Facebook page Trailer: Director’s Statement As the older of three brothers, I got an early start at directing – ordering my brothers Ethan and Noah in…

The Gunfighter

A weary gunfighter walks into a saloon. Waiting inside are the Henderson boys who plan to kill him for the $200 bounty. Every fan of classic westerns knows how this will end, but what if the only one who wants a gunfight to break out is the omniscient narrator who knows everyone’s secrets? Won the…


Sherwin, an accident-prone best man, travels back and forth through time to retrieve a wedding ring while desperately avoiding previous versions of himself trying to do the same thing. In an ill-fated moment of inspiration, he leaves the ring where his past self will find it not realizing that an infinite loop paradox will begin.…

The Developer

In a dystopian future, Budapest is run by a corrupt company called Gold Dimension. When top secret papers are stolen that could result in the company’s collapse, a seer is brought in to discover the culprit’s identity but the images he sees also show his own murder. Won Best Sci-Fi Short at the 2014 Phoenix…

I'm You, Dickhead

In a world where time travel is a simple hospital procedure, a man travels back in time to convince his 10-year-old self to learn the guitar so that he can get more action with the ladies in the present day, but his younger self is less than willing to cooperate and things quickly spin out…