Posted by Terry on November 5, 2011

With Halloween over, Christmas is right around the corner.  For Star Wars fans, what could be better than the Blu-ray set Star Wars: The Complete Saga?  Some changes have been made to the original movies which has infuriated die-hard fans, but the special features (deleted scenes, featurettes, spoofs and docs) have made it a huge seller.

The 1999 spoof George Lucas in Love, which we included in our 2008 festival, is hilarious.  George Lucas himself sent a congratulatory letter to the filmmakers which they included as a hidden Easter egg on the DVD. It can be watched here.

Much more biting than a spoof is the entertaining and surprisingly educational critique (coarse language advisory) of Episode I – The Phantom Menace.  There’s a wealth of screenwriting lessons to be found in these seven 10-minute video segments.  It makes one wonder why George Lucas thought he could ignore them.

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