At our 2014 fest, 92% of the 238 questionnaires received from members of the public rated their film package as good (34%) or great (58%). The following is a very small sample of the comments we received.

General screenings

“So interesting, the presentation was AWESOME.” (Alexis Troup, County of Grande Prairie, Antarctica & the Grand Slam of Mountaineering)

“The film and presentation were incredibly well done and captivating!” (Jill Bossen, County of Grande Prairie, Antarctica & the Grand Slam of Mountaineering)

“Great programming! Lots of variety, and each package just flows.” (Mari Sasano, Edmonton, Looking for Love)

“I love the Q&A with people in the field!” (Megan Singh, Fort St. John, Looking for Love)

“Excellent night out!” (Victoria Wanihadie, Grande Prairie, Pizza Party & Psycho Shorts)

“Always love it. It gets better each year!” (Tymmarah Zehr, Edmonton, Magic Time)

“I really loved this set of films.” (Sarah Charnock, Sexsmith, Hidden Stories)

“I love the festival! Been here 3 years in a row.” (Elsa Posas, Grande Prairie, Families Like Mine)

“It was very good! Wide range of emotions – good humor as well.” (Lesa Crawford, Grande Prairie, Best of the Fest)

“It’s an amazing event for our community!” (Susan Picard, Grande Prairie, Best of the Fest)

“Excellent films. Friendly staff and volunteers. Excellent value for money and time spent.” (Patricia Wehrle, Grande Prairie, Best of the Fest)

School screenings

“Amazing selection! Good variety of topics/cultures/technical choices!” (Nancy Fontaine, Junior High & Senior High English/Fine Arts teacher, Eaglesham School, Step This Way)

“The junior high screening provided a fantastic variety of selections for students!” (Angela Nilsson, Film Studies teacher, Montrose Junior High, Step This Way)

“The kids loved it! For some of the kids, this is the only exposure to international films. The Q&A with the filmmaker is very fun and informative!” (Kasia Pfefferle, Grade 3 teacher, Harry Balfour School, Magic Time)

“I love the themes. Friendship is such a great topic for kids this age.” (Ashlee Weisgerber, Grade 3 teacher, Harry Balfour School, Magic Time)

“Great selection, wide variety of styles and subjects.” (Terra Shewchuk, Montessori Grades 1-3 teacher, Swanavon School, Magic Time)

“Comment from one of the kids was “This is the best day ever!” (Sue Longson, Grade 1 teacher, Swanavon School, Magic Time)

“Loved the venue, loved the movies, loved the greeters, loved the booklet.” (Leslie Bell, Grade 11 Social Studies teacher, PWA, Hidden Stories)

“Thanks so much for a fantastic program! My kids had a fantastic time and were telling their friends all about it when they got back to school!” (Teri Todd, English teacher, Grande Prairie Composite High School, Mark the Day)

“Our students loved the films!” (Patsy Bois, Grade 4-6 teacher, Eaglesham School, A New World)

“We really enjoyed the films! I loved the wide variety of films, and I liked that there were foreign language films.” (Shannon Kunz, Grade 5 teacher, Harry Balfour School, A New World)


“Bringing in all the school kids was excellent. The selected films were very well chosen. I was treated very nicely. Great variety of packages. Good voting system. The program book is excellent. Excellent publicity too!” (Alison Parker, Vancouver, Director of The Magic Ferret)

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this year’s festival. The films were outstanding as usual, and the growth of the local filmmaking community (that the festival has fostered) has once again made a giant leap forward as evidenced by the increased participation of local filmmakers. The festival has been a great success, both as an exhibition of cinematic art and as a catalyst for the development of a filmmaking community in the Peace Region.” (Rio Fitch, Rolla, BC, who’s had a film in each of the previous four festivals)

“The award is beautiful and my experience with your festival has been outstanding.” (Cody Blue Snider who won the Audience Choice Award for Fool’s Day)