Posted by Terry on July 10, 2012

Day 1 was all about expecting the unexpected. The schedule had shown Day 1 would be spent in a second-floor classroom learning camera and gear. Then the guys decided it made more sense to take the interns out to the gear than haul the gear up to the classroom. While dressed for an air-conditioned classroom, the interns ended up spending hours under a blazing sun as the temperature hit 31°C.

Training on the Red One camera
Mark Shpur (third from left) asks Ryan Skeete (right) a question about the Red One camera as (from left) Mary Jo Van Order, Chris Beauchamp, and Cameron Isherwood observe.

Training on sound gear
Blair Dykes shows (from left) Forrester McKim, Cam Belseth, Rory Mells, and Chillton Alstad how to hold a boom mike.

Grip crew getting out of the sun
The grips had the best of it as they built themselves some shade. At the corners are the interns (from left) Rebeka Binder, Kyra Plontke, Jasmyn Duby, and Eric Durnford while Matt Reed (back left) and Scooter Corkle (back right) give feedback on technique.

Grips in the shade
Shaded from the sun, (from left) Kyra, Jasmyn, Rebeka, and Eric follow the directions of Scooter (far left) and Matt (far right).  While it was generally agreed that grips need brawn, they also need brains to creatively solve problems while maintaining a safe set.

After each group moved through camera, grip, and sound gear training, everyone returned to the classroom to cool off and wrap up Day 1.  Tomorrow they move on to Location 1 for set dec (decoration) and more training, while at the college the actors will start rehearsing.

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