Posted by Terry on December 24, 2012

Kirsten Goruk¬†of the Daily Herald-Tribune wrote a great article in Friday’s paper called Work continues on film shot in GP that describes the post-production crowd funding campaign for The Horizon Project on Kickstarter. With 12 days to go, Director Scott Belyea and Producer Dave Rice are hoping that the $10,110 goal will be reached because it’s an all-or-nothing campaign. Should it fall short by even a dollar, they’ll receive none of the pledges that have been made so far. But if the campaign is successful, they’ll put the money toward completing the film with VFX, sound design, foley recording, and all the other post-production wizardry that will make the completed film look and sound amazing!

This is the film that was shot during the festival’s Shoot for Reel project in July. The locked-cut looks amazing and I’m not the only one who’s a big fan of what Scott and DOP Scooter Corkle can do. Check out this glowing review.

The Horizon Project Kickstarter campaign isn’t just about giving – it’s also about receiving. At every pledge level starting at $10, a backer receives something in return. Looking for a unique gift? Or a behind-the-scenes look at post-production? Check it out at The Horizon Project on Kickstarter.

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