Posted by Terry on January 4, 2013

A friend asked me to blog about my top ten films because he wanted to watch them. I didn’t think people would have time to watch that many in a row, but here they are – my top ten picks from the last six festivals that are free to watch online: 1 from Canada, 3 from the US, 5 from Europe, and 1 from Australia.

AnimationGranny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty (Ireland) – from our 2010 fest

ComedyInstead of Abracadabra (Sweden) – from our 2009 fest and also 2010 in the Oscar Live Action package. This is a very low-res version. An HD version can be purchased on iTunes for $2.99 (if you don’t already have iTunes on your computer, you’ll need to download it first; when the program is open, type the title in the top right search bar; or if you want to browse short films, click on Movies at the top, choose Short Films as the category on the right, click on Short Films:G-L at the bottom right, and go through the alphabetical list until you find it).

Black Comedy (light)Emilia Eckle (USA) – not only did we have the film at our 2010 fest, but we had the great good fortune to also have the Writer/Director/Co-Star Alyssa McClelland at the fest as well

Black Comedy (dark)Spider (Australia) – from our 2009 fest

Horror ComedyTreevenge (Nova Scotia, Canada) – not only did we have the film at our 2009 fest, but we had the great good fortune to also have the Co-Writer/Director/Editor Jason Eisener at the fest as well

Documentary (Animated)Danny & Annie (USA) – from our 2012 fest

Documentary (Live Action)The Referee (Sweden) – from our 2011 fest

MockumentaryThe Majestic Plastic Bag (USA) – from our 2012 fest

DramaToyland (Germany) – from the Oscar Live Action package in 2009 and the school program in 2010

Top FilmTanghi Argentini (Belgium) – from our 2008 fest

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