Posted by Terry on January 10, 2014

George Lucas in Love is such a wonderful spoof of how the script for Star Wars was created that I included it in our 2008 fest even though it was nine years old at that point. Directed by Joe Nussbaum and produced by Joseph Levy, both USC School of Cinematic Arts graduates, the film was based on the fact that George Lucas was enrolled in their film school in 1967. What if the seeds of inspiration for his great space epic had started in film school?

The film defied the generalization that short films don’t make money by becoming one of the best-selling short films of all time, grossing over $500,000 from DVD, television, online and theatrical release around the world. Apparently, George Lucas not only saw the film but became a fan. He sent a congratulatory letter to the filmmakers which they included as a hidden Easter egg on the DVD.

The film can be watched here.

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