Posted by Steph on October 29, 2016

Halloween is just around the corner and ’tis the season to leave your lights on, sleep with a teddy bear and wear extra-absorbent underwear. Check out this selection of our top horror short films to put a little spook in your life. Warning: do not watch alone. Some films may contain violence, gore, sexual content and/or language.

1. Best ʺIt Could Happen to YouʺFestEvil – 14+ (Coarse Language, Violence)

Dangit, I used to have such good memories of tenting.

2. Creepiest Fitness FlickThe Jogger – 14+ (Coarse Language, Violence)

I knew exercise was bad for you!

3. Best ʺDon’t Go to SleepʺHungry Hickory – 10+ (Frightening Scenes)

I’m sure we all remember sleeping in a creepy room at one time in our lives. Most of the time it’s an active imagination…

4. Best Jump-Inducing HorrorLights Out – 10+ (Frightening Scenes)

Proof that it doesn’t take much to make a person pee a little.

5. Best Ladies in HorrorThe Pearce Sisters – 14A

Sisters share a special bond. This one’s special alright.

6. Best Dog in a Leading RoleOff Season – 14A

End of the world getting you down? Well at least you’re not this guy.

7. Best HorRom (Also Best Zombie Kiss)Rotting Hill – 14+ (Gory Violence)

Some people feel horrors are always lacking that one essential component: true love!

8. Most Terrifying MonsterDon’t Move – 14+ (Gory Violence)

Holy cow! Right out of a Guillermo del Toro movie.

9. Most Lovable PsychopathSix Shooter – 14A (Coarse Language, Violence, Mature Theme)

Me mam always told me not to trust them fast-talkin’ charmers.

10. Best Eco-HorrorTreevenge – 14A (Coarse Language, Violence, Gory Scenes)

I’ll be getting a plastic Christmas tree this year.

11. Honourable Mention: Cutest Little HorrorBlinkyTM – 10+ (Violence)

Is it weird I was rooting for Blinky?

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