Posted by Steph on February 13, 2017

Yeah, yeah Valentine’s Day sucks. But short films do not! Here’s a little something for everyone whether you’re a die-hard romantic, a cold-hearted cynic, or you simply like to have a giggle. These films show why love is the best, why it’s the worst, and why it can be downright weird.

1. Best Tribute to Star WarsGeorge Lucas in Love

This might be the best Star Wars spinoff yet! Click here to see how it all began.

2. Best Seniors to Aspire toThe Wednesdays – 14A (Substance Abuse)

Someone once told me love is like a drug. This couple certainly thinks so.

3. Best Oblivious LoveSymmetrical Desires (Les désordres symétriques) – G

When love is slapping you right in the the face…

4. Best Unusual LoveThe Fan and the Flower

Sometimes you can’t help who you fall in love with.

5. Best TearjerkerDanny & Annie – 5+

“I walk in with you alone, I walk out with you alone.”

6. Best Behind the ScenesTable 7 – PG

I’ve always said cookies make the world go round.

7. Best “You Can’t Tear Your Eyes Away”Flawed – PG

Self-realization may be a drag, but if it means you can create stuff like this? Well sure.

8. Best “Oops”The Cake – PG

Be careful with those proposals.

9. Best “Worst Apology”Spider – PG

Be careful with those apologies.

10. Best Post-Apocalyptic Synth RockAfter the End – 14+ (Crude Content, Sexual Content, Nudity)

Love motivates us all, doesn’t it, whether it’s your partner, your pet or your…blow-up doll?

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