At our 2011 film festival, 89% of 601 questionnaire respondents rated their film package, workshop, or class visit as good (32%) or great (57%).

General screenings

“This film festival has been an outstanding contribution to the arts/cultural scene in GP. It gets better every year. The international scope of the films provides an insightful peek into many cultural/political world views. Thanks for all your hard work.” (Melissa Shalagan, Reality Zone)

“Fantastic to have such a great event in our city!” (Tatianna Ducklow, Love Notes)

“Excellent. I loved all the films individually and together in a theme.” (Kristjanna Grimmelt, Love Notes)

“Fantastic! Thoroughly enjoyed; 2 hours went by so fast!!” (Tenille Millsap, Love Notes)

“I love the Reel Shorts – looking forward to seeing them all!!” (Frank Daskewech, Amen To That)

“Amazing.” (Kristen Hewlett, Borders)

“Always learn something new and interesting!” (Jenny Oatway, Borders)

“Very good, a lot of different pieces to enjoy.” (Kyle Pura, Born & Razed)

“I loved the language diversity.” (Tanisha Anderson, Born & Razed)

“It was excellent.” (Zachery Dickson, Psycho Shorts)

“Great films – all of them.” (Trevor Hansen, Docs in a Row)

“Great outstanding job this year.” (Calvenn Lanktree, Docs in a Row)

“Awesome.” (Rob Wiebe, Oscar Live Action)

“Great job! The selections were wonderful. Next year, I will go to more showings.” (Susan Beaumont, Best of the Fest)

“Very impressed. Loved the local filmmakers.” (Thomas Bolinger, Best of the Fest)

“Really fantastic – what an amazing experience. Thank you so much!!” (Ainsley Lamontagne, Best of the Fest)

“Fantastic show – great variety, lots of humour, excellent youth filmmaking!” (Susan Picard, Best of the Fest)

School screenings

“I thought the films were very age appropriate and provided a lot of variety and interest for the children.” (Leslie Beairsto, Grade 2 teacher, Swanavon School, Gruff & Stuff)

“Loved it!” (Marion Nyland, Grade 9 Drama and Video Tech teacher, Hythe Regional Junior High School, Cross the Line)

Youth Filmmaking Challenge workshops

“This was my first time bringing students. It was an excellent experience for all of us. I learned a lot! Thank-you so much for this opportunity.” (Amy Woodward, Drama teacher, St. Joseph Catholic High School, Alpha)


“It was great. The film programs were excellently curated and everyone who assisted or attended was wonderfully welcoming and hospitable.” (Napoleon Ryan, Los Angeles)

“Always amazing!” (Scooter Corkle), Vancouver)

“Everything was perfect.” (Rio Fitch, Rolla, BC)

“Great success. Good and diverse selection of shorts. I really enjoy the Best of the Fest. Adds a great climax to the fest.” (Michael Bourree, Grande Prairie)