At our 2013 fest, 93% of the 336 questionnaires received from members of the public rated their film package as good (41%) or great (52%). The following is a very small sample of the positive comments we received.

General screenings

“Really enjoyed it – so impressed with quality of films.” (Debbie Landis, First Comes Love)

“Great selection of films. Q&A is nice for more info and personalized experience. Excellent work!” (Dan Wong, Out of This World)

“Impressive festival and appreciate having this quality of Arts in G.P.” (Debbie Mathias, I See You)

“I love it, the film selection was spectacular!” (Louanne Durnford, Criminal Minds)

“Everything was wonderful, friendly, fun. I would absolutely be back again.” (Tayler Crossen, Oscar Animated Shorts)

“Amazing job! Films were greatly put together, had a little bit of everything (happy, sad, anger, etc.)” (Ines Gerber, Best of the Fest)

School screenings

“Allowing high school students to access this opportunity is awesome.” (Jacqueline Coates, Social Studies teacher, Hines Creek Composite School, Both Sides Now)

“The films chosen have been age appropriate and the accommodations to include school kids to attend the festival have been wonderful! Well done!” (Leslie Beairsto, Grade 2 teacher, Swanavon School, Flights of Imagination)

“Awesome!!!” (Nancy Fontaine, Language Arts teacher, Eaglesham School, Bless the Beasts)

Class visits

“This was an excellent opportunity for students to see how a professional artist works, to learn about the process of artist commissions, as well as the artistic process involved. Phil was very articulate and professional. Several students stayed after the presentation to speak with him one-on-one. Overall an excellent presentation. Thank-you for this opportunity.” (Laurel Rohne, Art teacher, Grande Prairie Composite School)


“I was impressed by the professionalism and kindness of the whole festival team. I had more fun at your festival than at many “bigger”, more impersonal festivals.” (Eva Colmers, Edmonton, Alberta)

“I would say that the Reel Shorts Film Festival is doing everything right! The objective of the film festival has always been to build a filmmaking community in the Peace Region, and with the number of Peace Region filmmakers in attendance this year that have been supported by the festival, this objective has very much become a reality. It was also great to see so many enthusiastic young filmmakers making great films!” (Rio Fitch, Rolla, BC)