At our 2018 fest, 84% of the 184 questionnaires received from members of the public rated their film package as great (53%) or good (31%); and 100% of the 22 questionnaires received from attendees at the Filmmaker Insights workshops (Documentary 101 and Acting for the Camera) rated their workshop as great (82%) or good (18%). The following is a small sample of comments we received from respondents who gave their permission to share them.

General screenings

“The selection of foreign films is very cool!” (Shea Iles, Grande Prairie, Friends & Lovers)

“So much positivity and good energy! Love how interactive!” (Aimée Perry, Vancouver, A Passionate Eye)

“First, the shorts were great. Second, I love that you are giving these shorts more exposure.” (Levi Maisonneuve, Grande Prairie, Crime & Punishment)

“Great film selection, lots of scheduling options.” (Yax Posas, Grande Prairie, All in the Family)

“Late night pizza parties are fun.” (Angela Medina, Grande Prairie, Psycho Shorts & Pizza Party)

“Well presented and great atmosphere.” (Wael Shadid, Grande Prairie School Favorites – Sprouts)

“Amazing quality of films, and Frantic48 gets better every year.” (Josie McKay, MD of Greenview, Frantic48)

“Great package! Fun event.” (Alyssa Currie, Grande Prairie, Best of the Fest)

Filmmaker Insights

“Dominique’s session had the highest ratio of useful information of any course I’ve ever taken. Most value: Dominique’s openness about her funding/distribution process.” (Patrick O’Connor, Grande Prairie, Documentary 101 workshop)

“Dominique was excellent. Chill. Knowledgeable. Transparent. Hands-on exercises were excellent.” (Chris Beauchamp, Grande Prairie, Documentary 101 workshop)

“Fantastic energy! Kept things interesting and moving. Great info, hands-on experience (doing > seeing > hearing).” (Richard Podsada, Grande Prairie, Acting for the Camera workshop)

“Excellent!!! Great to actually get in front of camera and work a scene!” (Christine Adrian, Grande Prairie, Acting for the Camera workshop)

School screenings

More than 2,000 students and their teachers attended screenings at our 2018 fest and 96% of the 28 questionnaires received from these teachers rated their film package as great (57%) or good (39%). All of the teachers indicated that they were very satisfied (58%) or satisfied (42%) that their film package met the curricular needs of their students. The following is a small sample of the comments we received.

Critter Tales (Gr 1-3)

Clairmont Community School
It was awesome!! (Tammy Twelvetree, Grade 1 Teacher)

Parkside Montessori School
Loved the chance for movement breaks, cute and funny choice of films. (Megan Layden, Grade 1-3 Teacher)

Swanavon School
Students always love going on our Reel Shorts field trip. They love all the movies and the experience of being at the theatre. (Joni Hansen, Grade 3 Teacher)

World of Wonder (Gr 4-6)

Penson School, Grovedale
We had a wonderful time! (Courtney Westfall, Grade 4 Teacher)

Parkside Montessori School
Love being able to bring the whole class. Every year they love it. (Laura Martin, Grade 4-6 Teacher)

Fire & Ice (Gr 6-9)

Riverstone Public School
I love the great mixture of genre and interests for these (sometimes hard to please) junior high students. (Angela Nilsson, Film Studies 7&8 Teacher)

At Risk (Gr 9-12 Social Studies) and/or The Sky’s the Limit (Gr 9-12 English/Languages

Charles Spencer High School
I think it was all great. (Angela Hartmier, Grade 10-12 Teacher)

Ridgevalley School, Crooked Creek
The films were great and really got the students talking. (Kayley Wold, Grade 9-10 ELA and Social Studies Teacher)

St. Mary’s Catholic School, Sexsmith
WE LOVED IT. (Barbara London, Grade 12 Teacher)

St. Thomas More Catholic School, Fairview
The students really did enjoy it. It was the first time attending the Reel Shorts Film Festival for the majority of them. (Dion Burry, Grade 9-10 Social Studies Teacher)

Filmmaker Class Visits

Charles Spencer High School
The film was a very engaging piece that demonstrated what a short film could be. I was pleased with the questions that my students asked and with the answers Ms. Keller gave. (Angela Hartmier, Grade 10-12 Film 15 Teacher)


“Wonderful opportunity for budding filmmakers.” (Jesse McCallum, Fort St. John, BC, leader of the Wood Owl Studios team that won the Frantic48 Best Film Award and Frantic48 Audience Choice Award for The Good the Bad and the Hungry which he and Chad Corno wrote and directed)

“So it turns out Grande Prairie has the coolest short film festival in Canada. Who knew? The theatre was packed, and the audience was 100% engaged. I highly recommend Reel Shorts if you’re a fan of short form film. Thanks again for having me at the festival! It was a blast! (Frederick Kroetsch, Edmonton, Producer/Director of Beneath the Surface)

“The hospitality was super and the films top quality. Great community. It was super fun and amazing to spend time with everyone.” (Dominique Keller, Calgary)


“I really feel so lucky to be viewing the submissions. I wish I had more time to watch more. I am learning A TON!” (Donna-Lynne Larson, Grande Prairie, Programming Team Volunteer)