Posted by Terry on September 17, 2013

Calling all filmmakers! We are accepting submissions until midnight on Monday, December 16. Submission details can be found on our Submit page. We don’t charge a submission fee and we pay screening fees for selected films.

For our 2013 fest, we received 365 submissions from 41 countries and considered another 619 films that were seen at other festivals or requested for consideration. From almost 1,000 films, we put together a program of 102 short films from 22 countries including 2 that were produced by our festival (The Horizon Project and HB).

Award-winning Alberta filmmaker Eva Colmers from Edmonton commented about the “great selection of international films” at our 2013 fest and said, “I was impressed by the professionalism and kindness of the whole festival team. Terry clearly is a gifted and passionate programmer and team leader. I had more fun at your festival than at many “bigger”, more impersonal festivals.”

Award-winning Peace Region filmmaker Rio Fitch from Rolla, BC commented that “The objective of the film festival has always been to build a filmmaking community in the Peace Region, and with the number of Peace Region filmmakers in attendance this year that have been supported by the festival, this objective has very much become a reality. It was also great to see so many enthusiastic young filmmakers making great films!”

Award-winning Los Angeles filmmaker Michelle Steffes, who taught screenwriting workshops at our 2012 fest as well as having a film in the fest (The Interview), said, “I thought the programming was fantastic. I’ve never been to a festival with such consistently great programming.”

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